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How can I change theme and write own html for front-end section not the admin panel?

  • Hi,
    @yaser-az .Sorry for late replying your query ,.

    First of all You don't need to compile theme .just write that path(i.e asset_path and view_path ) in you config/theme.php file and apply it from the admin pannel .
    And you can create scss file by creating your own package.if you don't know how create own package, then you should go with this following link:

    and If you will open your project then you will find a file named webpack.mix.js in your module like -in the admin folder. You just need to copy the content of that file .and paste it into your package-> webpack.mix.js file.Also
    in there you will find how js,image,and css are compiling .

    you just need to run the follwing command on from terminal :
    php artisan vendor:publish and press 0.
    this will publish all your js,css and other file on to that path..

    thank you .

  • @Naresh-webkul Thanks for replay.
    However, when I try to create a module after following the steps in the link you provided, I get that the provider class not found error after artisan serve :

    Class 'packageACME\HelloWorld\Providers\HelloWorldServiceProvider' not found 

    In composer.json file in my projects root directory, I added this line for the ps-4 autoload :

    "psr-4": {
                "ACME\\HelloWorld\\": "packages/ACME/HelloWorld/src",


    namespace ACME\HelloWorld\Providers;
    use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
     * HelloWorld service provider
     * @author    Jane Doe <[email protected]>
     * @copyright 2018 Webkul Software Pvt Ltd (
    class HelloWorldServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
         * Bootstrap services.
         * @return void
        public function boot()
            include __DIR__ . '/../Http/routes.php';
            $this->loadViewsFrom(__DIR__ . '/../Resources/views', 'helloworld');
            $this->loadTranslationsFrom(__DIR__ . '/../Resources/lang', 'helloworld');
         * Register services.
         * @return void
        public function register()

    the providers in config/app.php:

    Screenshot from 2019-04-27 01-32-50.png

    routes.php :
    Screenshot from 2019-04-27 01-34-49.png

    The new package directory :
    Screenshot from 2019-04-27 01-36-06.png

    Any suggestions ?

  • Hello @yaser-az screenshot-from-2019-04-27-01-32-50.png
    change the packageACME\HelloWorld\Providers\HelloWorldServiceProvider::class

    Thank You

  • @prateek-webkul Hi,
    Actually I already changed it to ACME\HelloWorld\Providers\HelloWorldServiceProvider::class

    But still throwing the same error in console.
    Do I have to do anything with the composer ? can you check the syntax I added in the composer ? Do I have to implement any commands to make it work first ?


  • Hi,
    @yaser-az .you can try these following commands
    1- composer dump-autoload
    2- php artisan route:cache
    3-php artisan view:clear

  • @Naresh-webkul It worked after dump-autoload thank you.
    I hope that I'm not bothering you with my issues 🐶
    Thanks again, I'll let you know if there is any further issues or questions.

  • yes sure @yaser-az .

  • Thank you. This was helpful

  • I added a new theme for frontend but CSS is not working. please help me to solve the CSS issue

  • @Umesh
    Run the

    php artisan vendor:publish --force


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