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How to create a refund of an order

  • Hello everyone!

    I am trying to figure out some basic operations within back-office and was not able to
    find a place where I can refund the order.

    Also, can someone please explain the ordering process using PayPal in details.
    For example, when payment is made successfully, there is no invoice generated, I have to generate it manually.
    When I list orders, I see the status pending, but how do I know which ones are paid and which are not?
    What does invoice mean? Do I need to generate and and send it to customer to be paid, or it is a receipt of the payment received? That is not clear to me at all. It would be very nice that PayPal payment would automatically generate invoice with the status paid, and cash on delivery should generate invoices with the status pending. And as for the refund, that is a big mystery.

    Thanks in advance,


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