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Shop by filter not changing.

  • The shop by filter only shows price, color, size even though i have other attributes.

  • Hi,

    For it, while creating or updating attribute you need select 'Yes' in 'Use in Layered Navigation' field ( & make sure that type of this attribute must be 'select' or 'multiselect'.

    Rahul Shukla

  • Thank you. Also i have another question how to do i make it so that filter shows only if the product hast that attribute. Right now even though i have no attribute of size or color for my product it shows there it in filter. I want it so that the filter option is there only if my product has the attribute.
    Thank You in advance.

  • Right now if you have created any select or multi-select kind of attribute and chosen Yes to show in layered navigation, it will appear in filter. If you do not want to show attributes in layered navigation just edit as No.

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