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Vue.js devtools

  • Is there a way to activate vue.js devtools?

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    Vuejs devtools will require you to install their browser extension.
    Please download the browser extension according to your
    browser by using the links below:

    1. Firefox
    2. Chrome

    Prashant Singh.

  • I am using Firefox and i did install the extension. it says "Vue.js is detected on this page. Devtools inspection is not available because it's in production mode or explicitly disabled by the author. "
    I tried running npm dev and also npm watch
    I also added Vue.config.debug = true it boot app.js .
    And it still isnt working.

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    No this is not the case, you have took it completely wrong.

    I recommend you to open your browser console and you would see
    VueJS tab. Just click on it and you can see the vue components.

    vuejs devtools.png

  • This is what i have.
    I dont get any devtools on inspect. 😞

    Screenshot (8).png

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    We have used vuejs dependencies in shop, admin and ui packages.
    If you go to shop package use the command:

    • npm install (to install npm dependencies)
    • npm run dev

    This will break down the production cycle and then you can see the vuejs tab.

    Another possibility of this situation is that you must have messed with order of JS files used on your layout file. Make sure shop.js is used first and then ui.js.

    If you still face any issues then file a ticket at [email protected] so we will inspect the issue even deeper.

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