Multiple prices on a single product

  • Hello Forum,

    I was wondering if there is a way to create multiple prices for a single product without fully customizing Bagisto.

    I have a few configurable products, but does configured products need to be able to have multiple prices.


    Base Product -> Variant Product -> Prices -> ---- Price1 ---- Price2

    i do not want to create a variant with a different price of the same product.

    Help is appreciated.

  • @spartan
    Thanks for asking this query!

    if you want the multiple prices of same product like $p1, $p2, $p3 for single product, then, please describe in what condition these prices should be displayed??

  • Each product has varying installments where a customer can pay in. For example.

    A product with a certain variant is available to purchase at installments;
    1 - $335 for 10 months (Total $3350)
    2 - $700 for 5 months (Total $3500)

    Each installment level has a different price. So want i'm trying to do is assign the product multiple prices and then divide them into their installments.

  • @spartan
    you need to customize this functionality, as right now this is not available


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