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Prices in storefront with taxes included

  • Hi, on the ecommerce site I'm developing with Bagisto, I have noted that the prices in the store are without taxes which are included only in the cart. This feature is not right for the store and I would like to correct it: how I can do?



  • Hello @pask

    When you are creating the product in Bagisto, their is a field name Tax Category.
    This Tax Category comes from Setting/Taxes.

    First You can make the taxes then create a product with selecting tax category this will give you a tax by default their is no taxes selected by you that's why no tax is applied.

    Hope this will work for you.

    Thank You
    Deepak Singh Gusain

  • Thank @deepak227 you for the reply,
    the operations for a taxes and product creation I had already done them but for me the price in storefront must be included VAT not excluded...
    The problem is: I create the product with price 1000€, assign the tax (VAT) of 22% and in store appear the right price (1000€) but in the cart this tax is summed at the price not unbundled as it should be...
    In the cart:
    1000 + VAT(22%) = 1220€ NOT correct;

    Must be:
    819 +VAT(22%) = 1000€ correct

    I hope I was clear....



  • hi @pask ,
    i already ask about the same thing here

    the "included" tax is not available for now...
    my approach is just add my current price with VAT...and not add any tax on tax setting...

    and then i check every page/email that have words "Tax"(to avoid confusion with word "Tax 0%")...i remove it and replace it with fixed text "VAT 5% included in the price"

  • Thank you @otheriz, i think i will use your system too (or I'll be forced to change software)... but this feature is important for a ecommerce framework,I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible....

  • @pask you're welcome,

    as you use bagisto for a while, you will realize how easy to customize the framework...
    For a Laravel based e-commerce i can say it's the best one so far..

    the best part of bagisto is it use the fullest potential of the used framework(Laravel, Vue, etc)
    so every laravel and other framework solution is worked here....

    That's also why bagisto have more updated content than other laravel based frameworks...
    because the other competitor make their own way(framework) above the laravel framework which is more buggy, unfinished, and confusing.. that makes them to have to "adjust" their own framework first before adding more content..which it lead to another buggy on the updated content.

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