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Any professional bagisto showcase's

  • Hey guys, while I love the idea of bagisto being open, and actively thinking about doing my next project using it and even using multi saas since I am already running multiple clients sites

    Every demo I've seen looks kinda hacky and very beta
    The images scales wrong between devices, no proper themes available, even the backend and POS looks like a mess on mobile

    Now talking to the support everything is fixable since it's opensource, but my question is, is there any actual live websites out there using bagisto with a fully customized professional theme?

    I wasn't able to find any

  • Hi @A7medo778

    Since the project is opensource, it'a bit complicated to track al the projects being made, however, there has been more than 5k downloads of the project on Github.

    Regarding the themes, right now we are using default laravel blade theme. We are also working on full-fledged eCommerce theme too that will be looking to arrive by early next month and will be available in the core.

    The backend, for sure is not much mobile friendly as that part is something which is recommended to use from the desktop. The admin functionality is complex and should use the capabilities of desktop computing power instead of mobile. We are however working on that and will make it mobile friendly up to a certain extent.

    There are many customers who are developing their site in bagisto, for instance, you can check this:

  • ok gotacha,
    so we are still in the early days i guess, camelia looks awesome though so promise is there for sure 👍

  • Hey @A7medo778 I'm working on it. You can check it here

  • @RK-REZA this looks promising indeed

  • @RK-REZA Hi. Did you use a different theme for the frontend?

  • No, just customize the front-end of bagisto's default theme.

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