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Change the order of the "address items" in the billing form

  • I wrote the topic, but I did not write correctly in English what I would like to ask. I want to apologize about it.
    I would like to ask how to change the order of the address items in the billing form.
    The current order of address items on the billing form is as in the picture attached to this topic: street address, city, country, state, zip/postcode.
    I want to know how to change the billing address items (fields) order like as the follow: country, zip/postcode, state, city, and street address.
    And I need to fix the Country select to [Japan] option.
    Sorry about the confusion that I'd provoked.
    Thank you for you attention and I waiting your reply. ![alt text](0d06a32a-fa93-40b6-b2a2-cf6a5b461098-image.png image url)

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for reporting,
    This issue is fixed in our master branch and will reflect in next release.

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